Letter for an Ingenious Storyteller.

Creators are rapidly and constantly changing the way we view the world through content. Rather than conforming to society's standard, we innovate and create art that mirrors our perspective. Asiyami Gold, a freelance multi-faceted creative content curator, is using her unique perspective to make a lane of her own through art. She is looking for a blog intern to coordinate and execute her brand's marketing strategy and I am confident that I will add value to the role, if given the opportunity.


ASIYAMI GOLD provides a singular view of beauty and exploration, with [a passion for design, photography, and travel] each serving as an entry point to weave the wanderlust, the elegant, and the memorable. 

As a visual storyteller, she takes content creation to a level foreign to many. Never have I ever come across art expressed in such a mesmerizing and carefree manner with the utmost originality.

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Onyinyechi C. Ogomaka 💡

Using the light of God to impact the world.

I am a creative storyteller who uses my thoughts, photography, and videography to creatively document my experiences. The content I produce inspires, sparks smiles from within, and provides an experience of genuine culture for anyone who comes across it. God is the ultimate source of my light and storytelling that impacts the world.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 🤔

Asiyami and I are both storytellers at heart. We use various forms of content to purposefully document our experiences that perfectly capture the essence of who we are. Her ingenious art direction and visual storytelling inspire me to continue to perfect my craft and amplify the ways I share my story.

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to trekk (ONLY... by foot) Lamu, Kenya, or experience nightlife in Lagos as you hit your Azonto in a local club? Asiyami Gold uses outlets like Instagram and AsiyamiGold.com to provide access into her perspective of beauty and exploration.

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The Asiyami Gold's Blog Intern Position offers me the opportunity to shine my light and provide my creative skillset to add value to the current success of AsiyamiGold.com. Please allow for my resume and portfolio to stand as examples of the work I am capable of producing:

Why would I want to be a blog intern for Asiyami? The answer is simple, I want to learn. I have a passion for creation and want to continue to use this to impact the world. As a fellow storyteller, I support Asiyami Gold's vision and would be honored to have an opportunity to continue to push her brand forward.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the AsiyamiGold.com Blog Intern Position.


From: Onyinyechi C. Ogomaka 💡,

a Creative Storyteller and Future Asiyami Gold Blog Intern.